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Dating yamaha guitars by serial numbers

Founded in as a result of the partnership between Japanese luthier Kazuo Yairi and American investors, St. Louis-based Alvarez guitars has steadily grown over the decades. Manufacturing banjos and mandolins with their guitars, the company has become known for the warm, full tone that can only come from the finest hand-crafted instruments.

As demand and production increased in the ’70s, Alvarez began assigning serial numbers to their products to easily identify the year and month of production. Locate the serial number on your Alvarez banjo. This is found on the inside of the body, opposite from the neck and tuning pegs.

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Alvarez used 4 digit model numbers for pre Professional Series guitars. From they used two letter and two number model names. The Alvarez Midnight Special was a mid-range dreadnought acoustic guitar, with spruce multi-ply soundboard. The back and sides of the body were made from mahogany and the neck was nato. At the twelfth fret the Midnight Special had distinctive bird wing style inlays. Manufacture of the C Mountain Deluxe ended in


How much is an Alvarez acoustic guitar worth with model number and the serial number is ? Best Answer. Other answers Total: 13 items. What m is it? Approximately how old?

Alvarez brand guitars – imported to US by St Louis Music . January 17, by James Collins. Dating Alvarez Guitars Dating Alvarez guitars is.

Yairi YW, made in Japan in As I mentioned earlier I recently became the proud owner of a K. Yairi YW It has been removed at some point and re-glued, it also has two screws that I doubt were supposed to be there and on top of that someone has added a bit of rosewood to make it higher and topped it of with a fret as the saddle instead of a normal slot and bone saddle. As soon as the wood shops open again here in Barcelona, a lot of shops are closed in August, I will get a piece of ebony and create a new bridge from scratch.

This is my third K. Yairi TG but nothing sounds as good as this K. I changed the machine heads to Wilkinson WJ28NGD open gear in gold, the original ones were in gold too but most of it had worn off and on top of that they were really heavy. I love all the abalone binding and the hexagon inlays in the ebony fretboard. As soon as I got the guitar I removed the fret, lowered the bridge by sanding it down and then I cut a proper saddle slot.

Apparently the top of the bridge is rosewood on an ebony base so I had to paint the top black to match the rest.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. But mainly, they just really care about their guitars and the connection the instrument has with the player. But first…. The story of Alvarez guitars starts with St. Founded in by Bernard Kornblum, the company originally started out importing European violins to distribute across America, something which the brand is still very much involved in.

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Yairi guitar enthusiasts. Oct 20, – Well, even Alvarez can’t do it. The best they could give me is mid 70’s due the four digit serial number. I already knew that much, but at least they got back to me. Identifying Vintage Guitars, If the serial number is legible the instrument can be relatively easy to date. Serial numbers are addressed Identifying a.

Hi All, I have a K. I have tried everywhere to get information about this guitar, but alas I turned up empty. So I turn to the broader community via boards to find out anything about it.

Trying to date my Alvarez (now with guitar pics)

Save Password. Please note this is an archived topic , so it is locked and unable to be replied to. Hi all, Banjo newbie here. An acquaintance selling this banjo, it was her father’s — I don’t know much about Alvarez banjos, looked it up on the internet but I’m not sure what model this is.

By reading the number stamped on the heel block of your Yairi, you The first two numbers correspond to the year of the Emperor of Japan at that time. my name before) Serial number is followed by (Which.

Zachary R. Fjestad is a freelance writer who specializes in guitars and amplifiers including the history behind them and their current value. Fjestad has been evaluating and appraising guitars for over 20 years. For more information, email Zachary at zacharyfjestad hotmail. Guitars Bass Amps Pedals Players. This axe came into one of the pawnshops I frequent, and as soon as I saw it I had to pick it up! At first, I thought it was a regular string missing three of the strings, but after looking at the headstock, it is pretty evident that this came from the factory as a 9-string.

Can you tell me something about it and give me a value?

Vintage Alvarez Guitar Dating

Dating these guitars is going to be hard. In some cases date of manufacture on label — see below. Both K.

The numbers for an attractive synthetic shell rosette. DIGIT Models Production acoustic electric and selection for my alvarez guitars serial number. The label.

Although Fender began producing Fender and Squier instruments in Korea in , its digital records only go back to mid, with little if any information available on serial numbering from through It is accepted that there were serial numbers with and without letter prefixes at that time, but as definitive information is lacking, serial-number dating for Korean instruments made before is highly uncertain. Serial numbers without letter prefixes have been found dating through ; these are six-, seven- and eight-digit serial numbers with the first numeral or first two numerals in the eight-digit numbers indicating year of manufacture.

A seven-digit serial number beginning with six, for example, indicates ; a seven-digit number beginning with seven denotes ; an eight-digit number beginning with 98 denotes , etc. The letter prefix is followed by an eight-digit number, the first two digits of which identify year of manufacture, i. The remaining six digits are the unit identifier, but they are not sequential and do not provide further identification information about the instrument.

The numbers for each year typically overlap, as there is always a transitional period between successive years and as necks and complete instruments that were made and serial numbered late in any given year were used on instruments assembled and sold in the early months of the subsequent year. As always, dating by serial number is not an exact science and is seldom definitive.

These charts are meant only as guides and, due to the absence of thorough and uninterrupted records, hence do not offer complete reliability. How can I find out when my Japanese-made instrument was manufactured? How can I find out when my Mexican-made instrument was manufactured? How can I find out when my Korean-made instrument was manufactured?

Alvarez Guitar Model: 5024

Alvarez dating. I found an Alvarez a few weeks ago in a pawn shop.. This is stamped inside “handmade in Japan. Headstock is squared.. I have a photo of the sound hole decal and think this might be helpful for dating.

Thank you please date a D has available for reading my Bass is, or after until when I love very solid spruce topcan you have pics with model gnt serial number it often prove helpful with a late s vint Guild SPosted by Fred Alvarez on these.

Please use the search bar at the bottom of this page to lookup your guitar’s manufacture date. If you would like specs on your guitar please view our Product pages by looking up your model number. Note for guitars without a serial number. Up to there was just a label inside the guitar with the last two digits of the year in the bottom right hand corner see example on the right. If you wish to know more about your guitar, please include a photo and any specific questions you may have through Customer Service.

Where do I find my serial number? Your guitar’s serial number is found inside the sound hole and up sharply towards the neck block see example on the right. If your serial number has 2 lines of numbers please enter only the bottom row to the lookup form below.

Manufacture Date Lookup

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VINTAGE ALVAREZ DOVE ACOUSTIC GUITAR MODEL Up for sale is a Model Alvarez Dove acoustic guitar, serial number is either or ​. in the ‘s and early ‘s, but obtaining an exact date of manufacture is.

Click here for pictures of the K. Yairi ARE. Hello Derek , I have a older, Yairi dy74 cutaway electric I bought her used in Nice guitar.. It’s model number. There is the curved cutaway at the end of the fretboard. The only thing that concerns me is, the label. My guitar says, Hand Crafted in Japan by Yairi. Does this model have a more full sound with similar easy action playing as the WY If not, is there a model that plays like the WY-1 with a cutaway and electronics and a more full sound!

Mahai Tanta from Transylvania playing our 1980/1981 Alvarez Yairi Classical